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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 UNWIND By: Neil Shusterman Science Fiction Connor Impulsive Leader 16 Years old What does Connor do to get Roland to stop harassing Risa in the bathroom? Competitive 5 Stars He punches him and they get into a fight so Risa is able to escape. He tells Roland they're broken up and he no longer cares about her. He brings his friends with him and they alljump him. They get into a verbal argument that turns Roland's focus onto Connor instead of Risa. THEME:Self control is the most effective way to get through and solve problems Confident Connor goes AWOL soon after he finds out his parents have chosen to unwind him and runs away with Levand Risa to avoid theirunwindings. Plot-Line Connor and Risa end up at a safe house that sends them to the "Graveyard" to hide with other unwinds until they are 18. Roland flies Connor and Risa with the dying Admiral to a hospital and at the hospital they all getsent to an unwind camp after Roland unsuccessfully tried to only turn in Connorand Risa. Just as Connor is sent to his unwinding and walks into the "chop shop", it is bombed by the clappers and he looses anarm and an eye. Risa alsogets stuck in the destruction. Connor is sent to a hospital where he receives a new identity, arm and eye. He also finds Risa was paralyized. They are all safe from being unwound. It is the first book I have read that has constantly kept my attention from beginning to end. Also, it kept me on my toes because there was always something new and unexpected happening. The conflicts where also very relateable for the age group reading it and it makes you want to keep reading. Rebellious Tall Muscular Connor continuously mustlearn to control his emotionsand first reactions so that hedoesn't get himself into worsesituations. Connor has to control and think throughsituations with Roland so he doesn't get into a fight. Connor has to control how he responds to the Admiral so thathe doesn't go off on him for the rumors he has heard about him. Connor has to control how he really feels when he is takento be unwound so that he can keep his dignity and let his last moments be of confidence. To avoid being unwound and help keep others safe and how people howwrong it is. Person vs Person -Dealing with Roland trying to defeat and get rid of him every chance he gets. Job Personality & Appearance Main Conflict
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