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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Risa Connor The Theme of this book is that Human Life is Valuable This book is about this 18 year old boy named Connor Lassiter who's parents who put him to his death. "Unwinding" as they call it. Then there's Risa Ward. She's an orphan in the Ohio StaHO (State Home). She lovesto play the piano, but she has to play in front of these officialswho also sign to get her unwinded. Then there is also Lev Calder. He's a 13 year old Tithe. Since he was born he knew he was going to be unwinded. All Tithes do. When Connor runsaway and then is known as the AKRON-AWOL he meets Risa and they hold Lev as a 'hostage'. Later on they get to know each other and why they're all being unwinded. In the middle they're at this school Lev rats out both Risa and Connor, they run away with the help of Hannah. One of the teachers at the school. She tellsthem to go to this place and ask for Sonia. Sonia has been helping Unwindsget off the streets and to this place where they'll be safe called theGraveyard.While this is going on Lev had ran away from both Connor and Risa feeling badfor ratting them out. He ends up meeting this guy who ends up becominghis companion along his journey. His name is Cyrus or Cyfi for short.He's a runawayas well but isn't an unwind. He calls him self a 'run-to'. Meanwhile Connor and Risa are going to a safe house to safe house. They end up at this place where all Unwinds are safe. Even though the Juvi-Cops know where they areeverything that goes on there.Eventually Lev shows up here after him and Cyrus travelto the place where the unwind's brain part in him (Cyfi) kept 'telling' him to go. In the end the Admiral (the 'leader' of the Graveyard) resigns and lets Connor fill his place for him as the new 'leader' of the Graveyard. Lev "AKRON AWOL" Unwind Unwind Objective Summary: Characters: Antagonist: Juvie Cops Protagonist:Connor "Tithe who became the clapperwho didn't clap." Setting: This book takes place in Ohio.Later the setting changes to Tuscan as they arrive at the Graveyard. Plot: In this dystopian future that Neal Shusterman has created in UnwindThe process of "Unwinding" a child is not considered murder. They believe that your just in an undivided state. Until theage of18 a child's legal guardian can have them disassembled and their organs go to the people who are in need of them. The process of Unwinding began shortly after the Heartland War. After America's second war ended a law passed that legal determination that life is inviolable from conception until age thirteen, at which point families can choose to retroactively abort their child.Even though Abortion is illegal, it has arisen "Storking". This occurs when a teenage mother does not want her baby and placesit on the doorstep of an unsuspecting family. Many of these families do care for their now storked children, but they may choose to have these children unwound later, particularly if those children are deviants or if they become an unnecessary expense.Not all unwinds aremiscreants. Some parents may choose to "Tithe" their children. Tithes are considered by many to be a higher class than ordinary children, in contrast to unwinds, which are a lower class.Clappers are not interested in saving lives. This latest form of terrorism involves injecting unstable chemicals into a persons bloodstream.They are literally "Human Bombs". Unlike clappers and tithes, Connor and Risa are fighting to continue their life in an undivided state. However, their guardians have signed paperwork in triplicate to have them unwound. Connor has always been a troublemaker and his parents are fed up. Risa is a diligent ward of the state; unfortunately, she has reached her potential and is now being cleared out to make room for newly arriving children. Connor chooses to flee from his parents before they can send him to Harvest Camp, but the police catch up to him on the freeway. Always impulsive, Connor manages to use the chaos of the freeway to his advantage and escapes into the woods. Before leaving, Connor rescues a human tithe, Lev, and joins forces with Risa. The three of them escape together.
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