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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unstoppable Objective Summary-Harrison is an adopted childthat is following his dream.He is on the middle schoolfootball team. One day duringpractice a guy who despises Harrison tackles him. Next thing he knows he is in the hospital. He and his "family" find out that he has bonecancer and his leg gets amputated. He goes under special Army recovery. He gets better and isplaying better than he was before this tragic injury. Main Characters: Harrison, "Coach", Jenifer, Becky, Justin, Leo, Marty,and Major Bauer. Plot:Beginning-Harrison is a "slave" child that is unappreciated and determinedto play football. When he gets chosen by a lucky couple that takes him into their household.Middle-When Harrison is at a practice he gets tackled by Leo (the bully). Harrison ends up in the hospital. He and his family arewaiting for the results of his surgery.Climax-Harrison has bone cancer, he uses the help of Major Bauer, Becky, Justin, "Coach",and the inspiration of Marty. When MajorPushes Harrison it gives him the motivationto push harder. After a few months he is ableto start running. He gets stronger and stronger.End-He recovers and he is stronger than ever. "It never hurts to work harder than anyone else, it always pays off." Marty (another cancer patient) is gone. He is no more. He was Harrison's friend, now when Harrison is on the field all that he does is to show his appreciation to Marty. Setting:At a farm, Harrison's house,a junior high, a football field,a hospital, a garage (home workout center), and a principal's office.When Harrison is at the school,field, or garage he always workshard to do the best he can. Whenhe has his ups and downs he is atthe hospital. Listening to reports about him and his chances ofplaying football. At the farm where he is a "slave" he is"digging his way to freedom,". Theme:When you're going through a rough time all you need to do is never give up, a person to rely on, and listen to the people around you. Character:Harrison is a protagonistthat never gives upno matter what kind ofchance he has againstthe odds. He uses the help of others to get tois full potential.
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