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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THEME UnSouled PLOT AUTHOR: Neal ShustermanGenre: Science Fiction MAIN CHARACTERS Connor LassiterRisa WardLevi Starkey The theme of this story is usually differentbetween most characters but there is usually a similarity between what all the characters want. This theme revolves around what a person will do to get what they want/need. This is often seen fromthe point of the government as its ruledby Proactive Citizenry with its unwinding so it can gain power over people by deadly force and fear. While people like Connorwho try and stop Proactive Citizenry will dowhatever they can to protect the people he cares about be it other AWOLS or his friends. This goes with Starkey too as he will do anything for power and worship from other Storks-(abandoned children)even if it involves murder. Levi will do almost anything to change the mind of people to let unwinding be stopped and he is now even hunting down parts pirates to do this. And Risa will do anything to get to saftey and to get to Connor to help him with his fight against Proactive Citizenry. The book takes place a Day after the events of UnWholly as connor and Lev are still on the runFrom the Juvies after the Graveyard incident.Connor and Lev (after some road detours) make it to a small town where Connor is attacked andkidnapped by a man named Argent Skinner. Argent turns out to be his 'biggest Fan'. After Argent accidnetlyalerts the juvenile authorities (aka Juvies) of connors location Connor with the help of Argents Low CorateralSister Grace Escape. Uppon escaping Connor and lev get in troublewhen Connor hits lev with his car(accident).With levs new injuries they hurry to one of Levs old hideouts in the Chance Folks territorywhere they offer unwinds sanctuary. Here Levbegins to wonder of his calling in life and of what he should do. During this time Risa has been traped and Rescued by Cy-fy and his friends/family. And Cam has gone Awol from Proactive Citizenry after many of his "messups" in public as he tried to ruin Proactive Citizenry's look. Cam ends up in the hands of the Chance folkAfter he is found playing a old guitar that oncebelonged to one of the Unwinds he is a part of.Upon hearing this the Unwinds old fiance UnaRushes down to see Wil the man who was Unwound but see Cam. In her anger and fear shekidnaps Cam. Connor soon finds this out and isDisgusted by the thought of a Rewound humanbut he believes its too dangerous to let Cam go sohe is now forced to ring Cam to Akron whereDr. Reinschild's widow lives now who they havemet before as Sonia. All while this is happening another problem is arisingwith the Character of Storkey as he is rounding up all his storks to build a army (storks are abbandoned children left on Door steps not the birds). With this army Starkey has made plans to attack and destroyHarvest camps which hold and unwind AWOLS with his plans always suceeding many people have now gained a fear of teens again and a new war is arising .To make matters worse Starkey has began to be funded by a mysterious orginization that needs him. During this time Argent and Nelson have began to worktogether to hunt Connor as parts pirates and have began to serch the Country for him During Starkeys war RIsa has managed to find herway to Sonia with help of many people who do not want to have unwinding. Connor has taken Graceand Cam to Akron to find Sonia (Cam only coming since he over heard them talking about it) and Lev deciding to stay at the Chance Folk reserve. Once they group get to Akron and find Sonia Connor is reunited with Risa but with the Awkward apperanceof Cam beining present they cannot fully be happyas Cam still loves Risa and now hates Connor for loving her too. Once reunited they head to Sonia's neighborshome for food. After Dinner Proactive Citizenry attacks and kidnaps Cam withoutnoticing the others Since Cam has lied about Their Identities and they don't want to stay inthe area for too long. After the commotionConnor Risa and Grace all talk to Sonia abouther Late husband to which she resonds thatProacitvy Citizenry runined him but not beforehe created his greatest inviention that woulddestroy unwininding; The organ Printer which was hidden in Sonias Antique Shop somewhere.With this Knowledge at hand Connor and the group Make a promise to Restore the Organ printer to its old state and use it as a differentmethod to Unwinding But they know Proactive Citizenry will not allow this. CONNOR- Main protaginist of the story. He is the strong kind but authoritative kind of person. He is one of the mostwanted AWOLS in the world know as the AKRON AWOL fromwhere he got famous. He use to be in charge of the Grave-yard but now is on the run after its fall and now looks to find the hope of Salvation from Sonia. RISA- Connors Girlfriend who was paralized afterthe happyjack incident(harvest camp attack) now has a unwind spine she did not want to able to walk she is on the run of Proactive Citizenry who is hunting her down for Slanderingthem on Live Television. She is the thinker of themall and is a Moral voice of Reason to Connor. Levi aka Lev- One of Connors friends he is a Ex Tithe(somone who is raised to be unwound) and Ex Clapper.He is wanted by the Juvies and is somewhat of a smart but carring Jerk to people. He wants whats best the Awols but wants to help in a more Socially right way(as of now). He is confused of his own choices and isseen almost as a helpful guide on what Unwinding has to the people of the world be it good but mostly Bad. STARKEY- Seen as a Anti hero Starkey is a violent sourceto stop unwinding by trying to push a rebelion of AWOLSto attack and destroy the Harvest Camps. He was once a Stork (child abandoned at birth to a door step mother) andnow wants Storks to be the top dogs. He believes he is a king to the other Storks and he is seen as a Evil manipulativeperson who only does things to get what he wants. Job- Akron AWOLApperance- Tall strong young manwith two different arms and eyes fromforced Unwind parts Job- No JobAppearance- Tall slim girl who is just now able towalk had here appearance changed and is now blond with green eyes differentfrom her old black hair Job- No JobAppereance- Long blond hair used as a source ofhis own freedom. He is nowshort and stocky since he cna now no longer grow thanks to the Clapper blood. Job-Leader of StorkBrigadeAppearance- Red/brown hair, Medium height, Somewhat buff. Seems tallerthan he truly is. I rate this book a 4 of 5 stars as it was very very goodand a awesome add to the series but as the second tolast book in the series it was a very easy read. It gave very many answers to unsolved questions and actuallygave me more questions which could only be answeredin the last book (which is also very good). But I honestlywish the book was longer and a bit harder to read as it seemed almost too easy to read, much easier than its previous books. Rating How did Argent Get the scratcheson his Face? He was attacked by a Ostrich whileDriving He had Fallen during his Job onto Glass Connor had Hit him with a Glass Bong he was just using Grace Cut Argents face with a Knife as she was running away from him AR
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