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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOGO HERE 7% 47,000+ FREE K-12 Learning Assets Why You Need to Study Abroad... 86% in N. America 25% in C. America 29% in S. America 57% in UK/Ireland 54% Mainland Europe 25% in Middle East 21% in Africa 29% In Asia 29% in E. Europe 14% in Austrilia ... In the Age of Increased self-confidence - 96% Served as a catalyst for increased maturity - 97% Has had a lasting impact on world view 95% Enhanced interest in academic study 80% AgreeInfluenced subsequent educational experiences 87% AgreeReinforced commitment to foreign language study 86% Agree -Acquired skill sets that influenced career path 76% -Ignited an interest in a career direction 62% -Helped me better understand my own cultural values and biases 98% -Influenced me to seek out a greater diversity of friends 90% -Continues to influence interactions with people from different cultures 94% Intercultural Development Academic Commitment Career development Personal Development Ability to consider and prepare for multiple scenarios(54.80%)Innovation(46.00%) Dealing with complexity and ambiguilty(42.90%)Managing paradoxes, balancing opposing views(40.90%)Aibility to see the "big picture"(15.30%) Ability to manage diverse employees(49.10%)Understanding international markets(45.70%)Ability to work in multiple overseas locations(37.50%)Foreign language skills(36.10%) Cultural sensitivities(31.50%) Global operating skills Interpersonal and communication skills Co-creativity and brainstroming(48.30%)Relationship building (with customers)(47.40%)Building (including virtual teaming) (44.90%)Oral and written communication(29.00%) Digital business skills (50.60%) Ability to work virtually (44.90%) Understanding of corporate IT software and systems(40.10%)Digital design skills(35.20%) Ability to use social media and"web" 2.0(29.30%) Digital Skills Agile thinking skills The Benefits of Study Abroad The most popular highly demanded skills for employers in the next 10 Years Globalisation Trends A new study(2012) shows that most companies made the move beyond their borders.This graph shows the percentage of users of Account Payable operation service (an international operation service system) to handle challenges in handling time zones, cultural differences, distance, personnel, multiple language, and regulatory requirements in other countries, jurisidictions by the Account Payable Networks By Christen and Mary M. Dwyer, Ph.D. and Courtney K. Peters; by Oxford Economics Globalisation ReferencesMary M. Dwyer, Ph.D. and Courtney K. Peters(2014). Retrieved 20 November 2014, from,. (2014). Retrieved 20 November 2014, from,. (2014). Oxford economics. Global talent 2021. Retrieved 20 November 2014, from Corporate Blog,. (2013). Studying Abroad Helps Students Gain an Edge on Fellow Classmates. Retrieved 20 November 2014, from
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