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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Universal Primary Education: Starting in Zambia Impact Network is working on a goal: for world-wide primary education. Starting in Zambia, they already havebuilt 10 schools, cater to over 200,000 students, and have 40 teachers. Impact Network plansto build 4,000 schoolsby 2020. $3 can schoola student for a month,$36 for a year, and $100 for three students.By donating,you can give a childan education. 91% of studentsin Zambia arefailing to meetdesired standards Why is Impact Network focused on rural Zambia?1/3 of Zambia's childrencan't attend schoolbecause of cost, over population,or distance. What is Universal Primary Education?The UnitedNations is workingon a projectcalled the MillenniumDevelopment Goals,in which they are working on making the worlda better place. One of the areas they are making betteris UPE (UniversalPrimary Education)Impact Network isone of the companiesworking on this problem either onor off of the United Nations. 58 million primary-aged childrenare out of school. 781 million adults and 126 youths aged 15to 24 worldwidelack basic reading andwriting skills. By buildingmore schools, the amountof intellect challenged people will be less. How can you help? By going to,you can donate by going to "pilot schools" and then the link "sponsor a student'. Why is this causeimportant? Think of all the things you have done. How many of those things could you havedone if you didn't goto school. Withoutgoing to school,children would be greatlydisadvantaged to getjobs, and advance in life.The children that get sponsored from donationscan go on to doinga job they want instead of staying at home doingthe same thing theydid since they were toddlers. cites: Works Cited"Impact Network." Impact Network. Web. 13 Mar. 2015. <>."" Web. 13 Mar. 2015. <>.
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