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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Now we are... Unitary Government in the United Kingdom The power in the United Kingdom is composed of... 1. Monarchy - Head of state- Constitutional monarchy- Transfer some of their power to ministers double click to change this title text! Powers include -Approve laws-Convoke parliament-Appoint important office holders-Declare war/peace-Control territory 2. Prime Minister -Head of government-Principal figure of House of Commons- Appointed by the Queen- First Lord of Treasury Responsibilities -Appoint and dismiss ministers-Allocate functions to ministers-Inform Queen about general issues of government-Recommend issues to Queen and public boards-Make sure of successful communication to parliament, media and public 3. Parliament They check on government's actions. They can make new laws, set taxes and discuss general issues. House of Lords -Propose/ examine laws- Investigate issues through committees and debates- Check on government's work House of Commons -Career achievements- Hereditary (reduced over time)- Appointed by Prime Ministeri.e. Political peers, Cross Benchers, Hereditary Peers, Bishops - Make decisions on financial bills (taxes)- Debate big political issues- Propose new laws - 650 members- Publicly elected- Each member represents a different part of the country 4. Local Government 3 Levels: County, District, Parish- Raise taxes- Administrate grants from central government-Represent their locality-Create statutes-Checked by central government
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