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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Comparison of The Declaration of Rights of Man and the Constitution Similarities -They both were created in 1789.-Both made for the middle class people.-They both gave people some of their natural rights.- People created both of these documents because they were upset with the way their country was being ran.-Bothe of these documents wanted all people to be treated equally. -The Declaration of Rights of Man was approved on August 26,1789.-The Declaration of Independence was approved on September 25, 1789.-The Declaration of Rights of man made it so everyone sharesequal power in the government.-The United States wanted to break away from Britian who was standing in their way of freedom, so they created The Declaration of Independence to get their rights which came with the freedom .The Declaration of Rights of Man was based on more of what theFrench valued as their natural rights.-The French wanted to get away from the type of government at the time,which was an absolute monarchy. By creating the Declaration of Rights of Man the French could do this. Differences Major Rights of The Declaration of Independence 1.) All men are to be treated equall.2.) Taxation without Representation. 3.) The government will be concerned about the health, peace, morality, and saftey of its citizens.4.) All men have the rights to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.5.) People have the right to form a new government if they feel that their government isn't doing it's job to the fullest. Major Rights of The Declartation of Rights of Man 1.) All men have the natural right to liberty, property, saftey and resistance to oppresion.2.) All men are to be created equal and will be born and remain free.3.) All men are eligiable for any high office.4.) No man may be accused, detained, or arrested except in cases determined by law.5.) All men have the freedom to comminicate their ideas an opinions. The Declaration of Independence only included all men. But it didn't apply to any African Americas male or female, and women. The Declaration of Rights of Man only applied only to men born in France, but women were excluded from this. Made by: Taylor Jacobs and Bridget Wilkin 4th hour
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