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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Gold Rush, the Women, and the Government of California The Gold Rush In 1848, a man named James Marshall was building a sawmill for a man named John Sutter. One day, Marshall went to a stream and saw a "yellow rock". Marshall tested the rock and found out it was gold. When Marshall told Sutter about the gold Sutter didn't want for people to know about the gold, but the news about the gold got known about as fast as "wildfire". A man named Sam Brannan heard about the gold and made a plan. The plan was to buy mining materials like shovels and pickaxes, tell more people about the gold using a bottle of gold dust, and then sell the mining materials. Another entrepreneur by the name of Levi Strauss saw that the forty-niners' pants got ripped apart by their hard work of mining. Then, Strauss decided to make riveted denim pants. The pants became popular. Strauss's company still exists today. The Women Women who went to California before, during, and after the gold rush had to deal with most of the problems the men faced.Most women came to California because their husbands came to California for gold. To the contrary, some women actually changed California.One of these women are by the name of Helen Hunt Jackson.Jackson helped give the Native Americans more rights and wrote a book called Ramona. The book was about the hard, tiring, and punishing lives of Native Americans.Another one of these women who changed California was Mary Tape.Tape came from China and came to San Francisco in the late 1800s. Tape's daughter wasn't allowed to attend any American public schools because she was Chinese.Tape and her husband wanted the city laws to change. Then, there was a school for Chinese and other Asian immigrants because of Mary Tape.Finally, the last woman I'll be talking is Bridget Mason. Mason's nickname was "Biddy"."Biddy" was born in 1818 and was a slave. In 1851 Bridget's master took her to California, which is not a slave state. Then, Mason petitioned her was to freedom.Finally, Mason became free, became one of the first African American women to own land, and donated to charity. The Government Before the California Gold Rush, California was a part of Mexico. Although Americans in California wanted California to be an independent republic.In 1846, the Americans in California revolted.The revolt was called the Bear Flag revolt.Also in 1846 the Mexican-American war started.Mexico lost in 1848 and signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.Mexico's land from California to New Mexico became part of the U.S.When California became part of the U.S, a man by the name of Bennett Riley was military governor of California.In 1849 Bennett Riley, the military governor of California, came to a meeting to make a constitution for California. Finally on September 9, 1850, the U.S decided to make California the 31st state of the U.S.
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