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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES VALUED BY AN ORGANISATION SPECIFIC ATTRIBUTES Working proceduresWorking procedures can be called goodwhen they take into account health and safetysecurity issues. Information that you find outwhile doing your job is confidential. This mightinclude personal details of customers orindustry-sensitive material about the design of a product. You are expected to respect the confidentiality and security of this material. Work atitudesEmployees work in return for a wage. However,each employees attitude to work is importantand, from the employers point of view, a good work ethic is required. GENERAL ATTRIBUTES ATTITUDES Determination employers might prefer to have someone who is keento see a job through, with the determination to overcome difficulties on the way. Independence employer might be looking for someone who is not totally dependenton being told what to do and someone who can show some initiative. Integrity Integrity is essential for most jobs, for example you might be more successfulif you can blur the truth, put a spin on things and say what people want to hear ratherthan telling complete truth. Tolerance tolerance can be considred as essential and especially important in team workingsituations. It is important that each person has his or her own way of doing thingswhich lead them to success. Dependability reliability is measured by how dependable you are. Most employers wouldprefer a worker who is reliable, who always turns up for work on time, does what isexpected without complaint. Problem solving some people can be weighted by problems while others will quicklysearch for solution. Having optimistic mind can be helpful when problem solving andthats why employers sometimes need people that can solve problems quickly. Leadership everyone is potential leader but many people can have lackof confidence or leadership experience. Learning how to lead includeslearning how to follow and recognize roles, be aware of your ownstrengths and weaknesses. Confidence confidence in your ability to meet thechallenges you face can help you to achieve goals.Other peoples confidence in your abilities can alsomake a difference to how your ideas are accepted. Self-motivation some peoplecan do work without motivationwhile others do job if they aretold to and therefore needsomeone to motivate them doing it. Planning skills planning involves thinking ahead to decide whatyou need to do to achieve a goal within given timescale. Organisational skills a system that can help you to complete every days tasksefficiently. For example, if you clean your workspace and place materials that you usemost often can help you by saving time on searching required things. Time management To work effectively, you must make the best of your time. To do this, you must:- Protect your time space handling interruptions- Remove paper shuffling getting on top of your in-tray- Take control of your time using diary Team working being a member of a team brings responsibilities. You need to report to others inthe team about what youre doing and to keep up to date with what theyre doing. Verbal and written skills communication within a team and within an organisation isessentials for the flow of information. Communication may be written or verbal and is doneby within a meeting or a one-to-one discussion. Job-relatedFor some jobs, technical knowledgeand skills might be necessary. Ifa particular technical skill is essentialsto an advertised job, it should be made clear to all prospective employees.This will deter candidates without therequisite skills and prevent employersfrom having to waste time interviewingapplicants who are not qualified for the post. Numeracy skills all jobs require some numeracy skills which includeusing a calculator to work out calculation accurately. Creativity creativity involves original thoughts which can be needed fororganisation as it can make major contributions to the success of the organisation.
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