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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ranks American Warrior LOGO HERE Union Soldier from the Civil War Hat Coat Sword Musket -Swords played a vital role on both sides of theconflict both on and off the battlefield-Swords were given to Union Officers ranking from 1LT to COL. -This is a "rifled" musket for firing "minie" balls-Muskets were the standard weapons used in the war-A "minie ball" was a new style of bullet that was cone-shaped rather than round-It was smaller than the size of the musket barrel andwas easier to load than round bullets, different from previous wars -Hats were personalized by the men and designs varied due to climate (sun and rain), and civilian style of the unit-This Cavalryman is wearing a "Kepi" hat, influenced by the French and very common among Union Soldiers-Hats were also sometimes used for collecting food such as berries or nut. -They were comfortable to wear and were therefore popular -Soldiers wear sashes and epaulettesto denote ranking. -Epaulettes are ornamentalshoulder pieces that symbolize rank Shoes -Union Soldiers wore ankle-high shoesknown as "brogans"-Wearing boots kept their feet warm and allowed them to travel to a variety of terrains -Prussian blue, tight fitting and almost knee length-French-peak styled cuff trim, for all enlisted ranks-Company officers wore an untrimmed single-breasted coat,with shoulder straps to signify rank and branch of service -Cavalry and mounted artillery used a short jacket,which were more practical for riding
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