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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Question The baby monkeywas an example ofthe Attachment Theory.When scared by loudnoises the infant ranover to the cloth"mother" for comfort. Harlow used loudnoises to scare thebaby monkey.When he did thisrepeadly, the babymonkey ran towardsthe cloth "mother" and cry. The infant dependencywas greater towardsthe comfort ratherthan food. The babygrew an attachmentto the cloth motherbecause of thecomfortableness. Which "mother" willthe baby monkeygo to afterbeing scared? *References Harlow's Monkey Experiment 1950-1985 Hypothesis The baby monkeywill go to the cloth "mother" after beingscared. Procedure Harlow set upa wire "mother"that fed theinfant, then hemade a cloth"mother" andwatched whenthe infant wouldgo to her tosleep or tojust be with her. He separatedthe infant fromits mother andoutside peers, andplaced it ina metal box. Experiment Anaylsis Over time, the infantacted in an abnormalmanner and experiencedattachment issues.Also when theinfant grew older, it wasunable to interact withother monkeys. Conclusion Attachment Theory Focuses on relationshipsbetween other people,primarily mother and child.Sometimes one person canhave an attachment strongerthan the other.These bonds are long term.
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