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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Understanding Copyright Copyright is a law that makes sure that the person who created something is the only one who can make copies or sell what they made. For example, if you wrote a book or a play, you would be the only one allowed to make copies or sell what you made. OttoBib can help you cite if you've used a book to find information. The ISBN number is the number on the back of every book. What does Copyright mean? Check out this video to learn more! So, why does copyright matter?People's work is protected under copyright,it means that YOU cannot copy it or make anything out of it to sell. How do you know if something is protected under copyright?The minute someone finishes creating something and prints it or puts it on the internet for other people to see, that work is protected under copyright.So, even if you can't find the © symbol,it is still copyright protected. What if it's for school?If you find information for school (like a project or assignment) somewhere(like in a book, online or from a video), youcan use it, but you need to show where you got it from. UNLESS, it has a Creative Commons License.When something has a Creative Commons License,it means that the person who made it (author, artist, web designer etc.) WANTS other people to use what they made! For more information about this license look under Module 4 on my website, here: About the Licenses, Creative Commons. Retrieved October 6, 2014 from Magazine (2012, May 9). Creative Commons & Copyright Info [Video file]. Retrieved from, L. F. (2014, September 30) Intellectual Property and Education Digital Story. EDU 210 Lecture. Lecture conducted from University of Alberta, Edmonton.
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