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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should underclassmen athletes be playing on varsity teams? Most caches would agree that their job is to put the players in the best possible situation with the best possible coaching. Each decision should be made on an individual basis since all athletes are different and would handle the situation differently. -Underclassmen are likely to have less playing time. -Younger athletes would benefit from more advanced varsity level coaching and instruction. -With older athletes to look up to and compete with, there is more incentive to improve. -Team dynamics could be awkward it underclassmen are receiving more playing time than upperclassmen. -If under preforming, there is potential to be demoted to junior varsity. -Underclassmen are likely to receive more playing time. -Athletes would receive Junior Varsity coaching and instruction, which has the potential to be less informative. -With less competition on the team to strive for individual success and there is less opportunity to improve. -Team dynamics could suffer if one athlete is out performing all the other team members. -If preforming well, there is potential to be promoted to varsity. PLAY VARSITY OR PLAY JUNIOR VARSITY Some talented athletes are given the opportunity to play on the varsity level when they are freshmen and sophomores. There is much debate surrounding the idea of underclassmen moving up to varsity early. Kayley Winkelman /
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