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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Under Armour Employees may participate in the political process as private citizens. It is important to separate personal political activity from Under Armour's political activities in order to comply with the rules and regulations regarding lobbying or attempting to influence government officials. Under Armour will not reimburse employees for money or personal time contributed to political campaigns. In addition, employees may not work on behalf of a candidate's campaign during working hours or at any time use Under Armour facilities or resources for that purpose. Employees may participate in thepolitical process as private citizens.It is important to separate personalpolitical activity from Under Armour's political activities in orderto comply with the rules andregulations regarding lobbyingor attempting to influencegovernment officials. Government Relations Customs Under Armour must comply withcustoms laws and regulationsin every country in which we dobusiness. We will not inaccuratelylower customs' values, describeproducts in misleading terms, or make any intentional misrepresentation relating to customs' entries. Reimbursement of Expenses Employees should ensure thatbusiness entertainment, travel,hotel, and meal expenses aredocumented, recorded accurately,and consistent with Company policies and procedures. Questionsabout the appropriateness of expenses should
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