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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ukraine What triggered the political crisis? How did Yanukovich's government respond to pro EU protests? Who are the anti Yanuovich protestors? What are the top two concerns ofthe Ukrainian anti government protestors? How do these political forcesview the crisis in the Ukraine? What are the two top concernsof the Ukrainian pro government protestors? The polarizing issues dividingUkraine today. Who are the pro Yanukovich protestors? What has the international communitydone to address the Ukrainian crisis? The forceful removal of President Yanukovich. This sparked two groups to protest, One who agreed with the impeachment, one who did not. They began to writeand try to enforce anti-protest laws. They endedup failing and being repealedwithin a month. These people are the ones who want to join with theEU. They don't want Yanukovichback in office. These people want Yanukovich back. They agreed with hisdecision to not join the EUand instead appease Russia. To join the EUStop relying on Russia and keep their independence Make friends with RussiaFocus on what's "good"for the people There has been extremebacklash for how the Ukrainian government ishandling the protestors. Whether or not to join the EUWho should be electednextHow to have a beneficial relationshipwith Russia Germany- there is speculationthat Germany may start toside with Russia.Russia- They view it as an opportunity to win back Ukraine as part of RussiaU.S.- Has warned Russia to step back from the conflict.United Nations- tried to enforcea ceasefire deal between Russiaand Ukraine
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