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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United Kingdom Hierarchy of Power Structure of Parliament House of Lords House of Commons Monarchy: The queen is the head of the state. UK has a constitutional government. He appoints the prime minister. Prime Minister: is the head of the UK government. A group that majorly are the head of the states chosed by the prime minster Parliament: the members of the parliament are also members of the House of Commons and theHouse of Lords. They are gathered in a group to discuss about new laws to be created. The House of Commons is composed of approximately 650 members (MP´s),plus prime ministers, and chancellors The Prime minister chooses other ministers They serve the purpose of proposing and discussing laws, and debating political issues as well as deciding financial bills (such as tax raise) The government is formed of the party with the greatest amount of membersMembers are elected by the public. Each constituency elects one candidate from the same party. -Their job is to compliment the work of the House of Commons, and to make laws investigating political issues -The Queen appoints the members of the House of Lords, but she is advices by the Prime minister -It consists of 790 members -They review the legislation of the House of Commons Local Goverments England: the Parliament and the Government concern legislation in the local government of England because England does not have regional assemblies Northern Ireland: Local councils does not have any responsibility for education, road building or housing. It is divided into 26 districts Scotland: Organized with 32 unitary authorities. The Cabinet designates the level of central governments for Finance and Substantial Growth. Wales: divided into 22 singles principal areas. The elected councils of these areas are responsible for the provision of all local government services, including education, social work, environmental protection, and most highways By: Juan Martin Hinostroza & Andres Posada
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