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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Analyze the reasons for terrorism in various regions of the world.A reason for terrorism in various regions is to make people feel vulnerable. On september 11, America became vulnerable because of the attacks of terrorists. Before september 11th, America thought about terrorism as something that was only in other countries, but now it was in theirs. 2. Explain different methods of terrorism and describe their effectiveness.One type of terrorism is bombing the capital or just very important places in a country. These places usually have high profile security. It spreads fear among people when these places are breached and the security is compromised. on September 11th there were a series of attacks in America. Two jets flew into the twin towers, and a third jet flew into the pentagon, there was a fourth jet but it crashed into a field.3. Demonstrate how different countries respond to threats or acts of terrorism.In the US, after september 11th security went up drastically. In airports the security was increased. Many Americans were all on guard continually, even to just go and get the mail. Terrorism Around the World The countries respond - Germany: summer olympics in Germany, terrorists killed two athletes and took nine hostage.- Middle East: is the core place were most terroristic acts are pursued.- Europe: is the place were most terrorist attacks are aimed. - Africa: many wars and the fighting with the country of Africa led to many terrorist attacks. Al Qaida was and is associated in Africa.- Latin America: here, the terrorism is mostly linked to drug trafficking and the possession of narcotics. Israel, picks up the mess that the Palestinians made through terrorism in their country.religious groups in Europe have tried to make peaceful negotiations with those who are violent.the mountains un Asia became mountain terrorist hide outs.after the US embassy was messed witn in Africa. The US used missles to go after the terrorists. Results of Terrorism After a big terrorist attack, a country feels very vulnerable. A country mandatory defense is to increase their security. Over veiw Israel Africa Europe United States Isreal
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