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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHALLENGES: MICRO-ENTERPRISE: Selling in Uganda's "Poor Man's Market" CHANGING COMMUNITIES: Women starting micro-enterprises is changing many lives in Uganda! There are many challenges in Africa right no, but the main one is poverty. The poverty in Africa is causing people to not be able to have a job, be able to survive daily life,or to have an education. Poverty is especially hard for women. Women trying to get out of poverty need to get money (a loan) from men and mot men won't give that to women. So women need to fend for themselves and find their own way out of poverty, most women are starting their own micro-enterprises. Women in Africa have recently started newbusinesses called micro-enterprises which meanssmall self owned businesses. One main women that has impacted the poverty by these is Margaret Saajjabi. She started her business by selling soap and fountaindrinks, after saving her money for a long time she bought spots in the big Kalerwe market in Uganda. She then started renting open lots for other people to use to sell their own products. Margaret also made her own parking lot and charged people to park in the lot to make a little extra money, and hired workers to watch over the cars in the lots. Margaret Saajjabi doesn' just kep the money she makes for herself, she shares the money with her whole family. She gives the money to her famiy so the children are ableto go to school and gt a proper education. She also gives it to her family members so they can get educations and getthe resources they want and need.Margaret doesn't just help her family, she also helps her community. When she startedher micro-enterprise at the Kalerwe Market, she hires peopleto work for her, wich brings in money for herself and jobs forother women. She also tries to encourage other women to start their own micro-enterprises, she says that the key to having your own business is to give it time and be confident in yourself!
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