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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Understanding of bit-depth, pixel-density,and resolution issues.Managing color palettes.Icon design and pixel.Graphic user interface (GUI) screen layout and composition.Page layout and composition.Animation.Sound design.Prototyping.Knowledge of file formats and tradeoffs. UX Knowledge and Skills CORE Personal Attribute BUSINESS Interpersonal Technical Usability Research techniques.Ethnography and discovery.User modeling.Product design.Interaction design.Interface design.Information architecture and information design. Tools Project management.Time management.Stakeholder or client management.Basic business writing Rhetoric and persuasive writing.Expository writing and composition.Technical writing.Public speaking and presenting.Visual communication. Knowledge of usability testing principles and methods.Knowledge of principles of cognitive psychology. Mediation and facilitation.Active listening.Interviewing and observation.Team-building.Collaboration. Understanding of basic computerprogramming principles, tools, and technologies.Understanding of software and hardware development processes.Knowledge of mechanical engineering and manufacturing. UX Empathy.Passion.Humor.Skepticism.Analytical thinking.Ability to synthesize information andidentify salient points.Ability to visualize solutions. Communication Media PowerPoint or Keynote.Visio or OmniGraffle.Adobe Creative Suite.
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