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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Youth Homeless rate in United States 365,038homeless children 548,145 homeless children 723,794 homeless children 119,110 homeless children north west mid west north east south east south west coast 2433355 million homeless children Has largest totalamount of homelesschildren. The states in this regionbeing California,Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, andColorado. California leading with 526,708 homeless children. Youth advocacy and homelessnesshave been a constant problem in theU.S. for many years. There is an estimated amount of about 2.5 million children thatare homeless. 410,895homeless children The Midwest regionhas the thirdmost homeless children in the U.S.. The states being Illinois,Indiana, Michigan, Ohio,Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri,Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Illinois having the mosthomeless children with 98,212 The Southern Regionhas the second least amountof Homeless Childrenin the U.S..The states in this region being Delaware, Maryland,Arkansas, Louisiana,Oklahoma, and Texas.Texas leading the chargewith 190,018 homelesschildren. 266,373homeless children The south eastern regionhas the second mosthomeless children in the U.S..The statesin this region beingAlabama, Florida, Georgia,Kentucky, Mississippi,North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia,West Virginia. Florida leading the region with 139,667 homeless children. The North Eastern regionhas the fourth most homeless children.The states being Connecticut,Maine, Massachusetts, New York,New Jersey, Pennsylvania,Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. New York racking up the most homeless children with258,108 homeless children. The Northwest has thelowest total homelesschildren in the U.S. Thestates in this region being Washington, Oregon,Montana, Wyoming,Idaho, and Alaska. Oregonleading with only 38,216homeless children. . The 3 main causes of youth homelessness and advocacy are either economic, family related, or constant moving of foster homes. Sub categories of these topics being unsafe home, family conflict, family rejection, unsupportive of LBGTQ(lesbia, bisexual, gay, transgender, and questioning), or no home in the first place. Around 5,000 homeless children die each year. By Jeffrey Lin
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