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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 U.S. Japanese Internment Camps Works CitedIkeda, Tom. Japanese American interment. World Book Student. World Book, 2015. Web. 16 Jan. 2015.A&E Television Networks, LLC. FDR signs Executive Order 9066. 2014. Web. 27 Jan. 2015.. Japanese-American Relocation. 2015. Web. 23 Jan. 2015.The Independence Hall Association, LLC. Japanese-American Internment. 2014. Web. 27 Jan. 2015. Executive Order 9066 1. "February 19, 1942 marks the day Franklin D Roosevelt signed the 'Executive order of 9066' " (A&E Television Networks LLC). 2. "Executive order 9066 is held responsible of over 110,00 removed Japanese immigrants and their U.S citizen offspring. (Ikeda). Outcome of Internment Camps 3. "The Japanese-American relocation fiasco became greatly known for its unconstitutional act of racism and prejudice." (A&E Television Networks, LLC). Detainees 1. "The U.S government first forced detainees into temporal camps." (Ikeda). 2. "Detainees in the camps specialized in schools, hospitals, farms, etc.; detainees had the oppourtunity to request to leave to earn education, farming purposes, or to join military." (Ikeda). 1. "A congressional act decided in 1982 that the internment camps were poor leadership skills and an act of prejudice." (Ikeda). 2. "In 1988 'The Civil Liberties Act of 1988' launched, announcing $20,000 worth of payment to each camp survivor." (A&E Television Networks, LLC). 3. "March 1946 is the date that every internment camp has shut down." (A&E Television Networks,). 4. "73,000 internment camp survivors were estimated to receive their $20,000 reward" (A&E Television Networks,). 5. "Surviving prisoners of the prejudicial penitentiaries were granted reimbursements by congress in 1988." (Ikeda).
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