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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The United States of...Alcohol? 2.00 - 2.24 The US has various regional trends in alcohol consumption, here they are illustrated along with short and long term side effects. 2.25 ->2.49 >2.49 >2.49 2.25 -2.49 <1.99 - 2.24 north west mid west north east south east south west coast Nevada and Oregon have high drinking rates, above 2.49 gallons per person per year The Great Plains have some of the highest consumption rates in the US, with the exception of Kansas, one of the top 10 most sober states. Upper New England has thelargest consumption of alcohol per capita, with New Hampshire having the highest number in the US. Although Florida has a high consumption, Alabama is the driest state in the US. 2/3of counties in Alabama prohibit the sale and distribution of alcohol. The American South (California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas) has a fairly moderate drinking rate. Montana, Idaho, and Oregonare the heavy drinking statesin the Northwest. Washington and Utah have the lowest, with Utah being the second driest state in the US. Anemia (loss of red blood cells)Breathing difficultiesComa/Blackouts/AmnesiaDecreased perception/coordination, impaired judgementDiarrheaDistorted vision and hearingDrowsinessHeadachesSlurred speechUpset stomachVomiting Short Term Effects Long Term Effects Injuries such as car crashes, falls, drowning, etc.Increased family problems, such as broken relationshipsBodily problems, such as: Alcohol poisoning Gastritis High blood pressure, stroke, and other heart related diseases Liver disease Malnutrition due to lack of appetite Mouth and throat cancer Nerve damagePermanent brain damageUlcersVitamin B1 deficiency (characterized by apathy, amnesia, and disorientation) Note: all numbers are gallons per capita, meaning for every person, this number of gallons of alcohol are consumed.
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