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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States of America By: Elbio Guedilla, David Kim,Andrew Heartquist 5th Period Young Washington D.C. ,the capital of the USA, is located at 38° 89´ N, 77° 03´ The U.S has four distinct seasons in most of the country. However, the United States is a big country and some places have more distinct seasons than others. Places like Texas only have two seasons, winter and summer, but if you go farther North you will find all four. 10 Land Forms 1. Mount Washington:New Hampshire used to be covered with ice and had many glaciersthat eventually thawed out which made the mountains.The mountains were also formed by tectonic plates pushing together and eventually pushing up. 2. Hawaiian Islands:Because of the underwater volcanic eruptions which harden to make the Islands. 3. Grand CanyonWeathering And erosion by a river. 4. Lake MeadMade by the placement of Hoover Dam blocking the river tocollect hydroelectric power and used for irrigation. 5. Death ValleyIt was carved out by waterdraining when mountainswere formed and moved out. 6. Mississippi RiverIt was formed throughthe glaciers that cutthrough America,leaving a carved riverlike dent in the earththat filled up with theice that melted andthe tributaries. 8. FloridaThe Florida peninsula is the emergent portion of the Florida Platform. 7. Sequatchie ValleyFormed by Glaciers thatliterally carved out partsof mountains, or by their sheerweight depressed the earth. 9. Lake SuperiorGlaciers passed by the area sculpt the generic forum of the lake.As time passed the ice melted and filled the lake. 10. Gulf of MexicoThe Gulf Of Mexico was formed when the North American andEurasian plates started to drift away from each other. Our Country is located on the Northern Hemisphere.Its is not too close to the equator or to far,so our whole country gets all the fourseasons except for a few parts.Like Hawaii where it is very close to the Equator,so it will not get the four seasons and Alaskawhere it is too far up North. The US has all seven biomes because it is very big. We have the Taiga and Tundra in Alaska which is all the way up North close to the North pole.We also have the Grasslands located in central America because it is not too far or too close to the equator or the north pole.We also have Deserts in south west america. Where California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah are located.We have Tropical rainforest at Hawaii where it is very close to the equator. We also have Temperate rainforest at East of our countryand the Alpine in the middle of our country. There are many natural disasters the U.S has had to face are either hurricanes or tornadoes.Tornadoes are common in the Midwest states like Ohio and Oklahoma.I am sure everyone heard what happened to Joplin, that was one of the biggest tornadoesthat the U.S has ever had to face, with more than 150 people dead. Tornadoes are usually the extreme result of a very large thunderstorm called a supercell.During the storm cold air and warm air combine. The cold air drops as the warm air rises.The warm air eventually twists into a spiral and forms what we know as a tornado.The sky turns a very dark green color and the tornado begins its destruction. Natural Disaters Another one of the biggest natural disasters is Hurricane Katrina,Hurricane Katrina destroyed the majority of New Orleanskilling more than eighteen hundred people. A hurricane is caused by a storm system that develops over alarge body of water, and because it is over the body of waterfor long periods of time it grows larger and large. It does not always reach land, but when it does it can be disastrous. Bibs:
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