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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Greats Reasons Why You Can Go To College! 2 Year Community College 4 Year Public College 4 Year Private College Hey there high school senior! There's no one way to get to college so here are some different college paths to help you choose what matches you! January of your Senior YearFill out your FASFA to qualify forFinancial Aid Advantages of a College Degree Education Attained Doctoral DegreeProfessional DegreeMaster's DegreeBachelor's DegreeAssociate's DegreeSome College/ No DegreeHigh School GraduateNo High School Diploma 2012 Unemployment Rate %2.5%2.1%3.5%4.5%6.2%7.7%8.3%12.4% Median Weekly Earnings in 2012 ($)$1,624$1,735$1,300$1,066$785$727$652$471 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey Reynolds Community College Virginia Commonwealth University Choosing Between a 4 year and 2 year College Randolph-Macon College Medium Sized School(12,469 Undergraduates Enrolled)No SAT or ACT RequiredCost of Attendance$4,428In-state tuition and fees$9,726Out-of-state tuition and fees*no room and board (commuter based school) Large Sized School(23,657 Undergraduates Enrolled)Somewhat SelectiveSAT or ACT Required64% of Applicants admittedSAT Test Scores:Critical Reading: 500-610Math: 500-600Writing: 490-590ACT Scores:21-26Cost and Aid$12,398In-state tuition and fees$29,847Out-of-state tuition and fees$9,318Room and Board Small Sized School(1,315 Undergraduates Enrolled)Somewhat SelectiveEssay RequiredSAT or ACT Test Required64% of applicants admittedSAT Test Scores:Critical Reading: 490-590Math: 490-590Writing: 480ACT Scores:21-26Cost and Aid$36,340In-state tuition and fees$36,340Out-of-state tuition and fees$10,300Room and Board Source: Sources: VCU University College: Strategies For Success. 2nd
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