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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Unified Medical Language System SPECIALISTLexicon & Lexical Tools Semantic Network Metathesaurus Categories &Relationships Resources & Tools;LanguageProcessing Uses Content Knowlege Sources - Electronic Health Record- Natural Language Processing- Information Retrieval - Indexing- Thesaurus- Research Data- Information Integration Semantic Network Consists of semantic types & relationships Arranged into 2 main categorical hierarchies Examples of Types: - Organisms - Biologic functions - Chemicals - Events - Physical Objects - Concepts or ideas Types: Relationships: 54 Semantic relationships; 'isa' relationship is the primary link5 major non-hierarchial relationships (related to) - Physically - Spatially - Temporally - Functionally - Conceptually Preserves the meanings, concept names, and relationships from its source vocabularies, synonymous relationships, concept attributes and some concept names. Metathesaurus - Organized by concept- Vocabulary Database- Central vocabulary component of UMLS- Concept oriented- Clinical use- Used for Research- Administrative use- Used for reporting Parts of the UMLS - Knowledge Sources: - Metathesaurus - Semantic Network - Lexicon & Lexical tools- MetamorphoSys The installation wizard & customization program- License Agreement Examples: - SNOMED CT (used for clinical data) - ICD-9-CM - CPT - ABC codes - NCI SPECIALIST Lexicon & Lexical Tools SPECIALIST Lexicon: - Includes biomedical terms and common English words - Contains over 200,000 terms - Aids in Natural Language Processing - Lexical entries for words or terms records the following information - Syntactic - Morphological - Orthographic Lexical Tools:Set of computer programs to aid in natural language processing - lexical variant generator (LVG) - normalized string generator (Norm) - word Index generator (Wordind) Giannangelo, K. Chapter 17- database of vocabulary, terminology, and classification systems. In Healthcare code sets, clinical terminologies, and classification systems. Chicago, IL: American Health Information Management Association; 2010: 289-293. National Institutes of Health. The Unified Medical Language System (UMLS). US National Library of Medicine. 2013. Available at: Accessed November 29, 2014.
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