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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prime Minister Parliament Hierarchy of power House of Commons House of Commons House Of Lords House Of Lords Monarch Resources UK UNITARY GOVERNMENT SYSTEM By: Angela Guerrero & Daniela Eguiguren - Second chamber- In-depth consideration of public policy-Holding government to account.- independent and complements the work of the house of commons- Shape and cretae new laws- Challenge the government -Party with the largest number of members-Debate the big political issues - Propose new laws- Publicly elected- Make decisions on financial Bills- Propose new taxes- Have greater power than the house of Lords -The Queen has the power to give regular audience to a Prime Minister during his term of office. -The senior political figure in the British Government, -Appoints the members of the goverments Members of the Parliament There are 121 total ministers, the ones divided into 3 sections, 1 person being the prime minister,21 cabinet ministers and 99 other ministers. All the ministers are elected by the prime minister (the member from the House of Commons and the House of Lords.) He is responsible for this deparments. This departments are responsible for putting the government policy's into practice Local Governments - Local Governments differ greatly in the 4 regions- There can be three layers of elected officials (county, district, parish)- Operates either a one tier system or a two tier system- There are five types of local authority - raising taxes- creating statutesadministration of grants from central government- representing interests of locality to regional andcentral governments- education, social services, transport, local planning,housing, environmental health, etc. -Make new laws-Work for political partyMp's divided into sections such as education and health.-Work in the parlament-They attend debates, vote for new laws in the house of commonsduring meetings. Have separate offices to attend citizens Parties of Mps: Conservative, Labor, and liberal Democrat Election Process-They are elected every 5 years(from a list of candidates)-The citizens vote for a member of parliament from one of the lists. Responsibilities:
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