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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United Kingdom Unitary Government Monarch - Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister - David Cameron Parliament - Second most important Government figure- Appointed by the Queen to run the country- Head of the Government in the UK- Controls government decisions and policies.- Head of the House of Commons - Legislative Body- Revises & Passes new laws-Bicameral -House of Lords -House Of Commons** Laws must pass both houses - Constitutional Monarchy: -The parliament receives legislative power.- Head of State- Has control over all decisions made in the UK- Can declare War Hierarchy of Power The Parliament This Legislative Body is composed of two houses. The Prime Minister is the head of the House of Commons. **Note that he also elects 99 ministers (24 departments). House of Lords - Composed of 800 members- Inherited Status or can also be appointed by the Prime Minister, with approval of the Queen. - Legislation and Scrutiny- Propose and revise laws- Suggest improvements to the House of Commons bills.- Members who do not have an affilitation are called cross-benchers Local Governments Up to three layers of elected officials:-County-District-Parish Counties of the UK House of Commons The power they have is increasing because the government is giving them more freedom on how to spend the money given to them in order to fulfill the needs of the locals. - Composed of 646 members of Parliament- Each member is elected at general elections in each part of the country -(1 per constituency)- They propose and consider new laws and are in charge of Financial Bills- They seat by affiliation and by opposition to government Responsibilities:-Making sure everyone pays taxes and raising them if necessary.-Creating statues (written laws)-Admininistration of Public Transportation-Representation of the Locality in regionaland central governments
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