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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Parliament Monarch House of Lords Bicameral Members 1. Other Hierarchy of Power The Parliament has power over ALL other bodies.The Parliament has the power to Prime Minister David Cameron United Kingdom: GovernmentStructure Prime Minister Monarch's appointee torun the country.Part of House of Commons.Presides the Cabinet (of ministers).Head of GOVERNMENT. Legislative body.Role: Devise and pass laws.Bicameral.Laws must pass on BOTH houses. Insight: Parliament House of Commons STATE. 650 members.Democratically elected.Majority party: Government.PM: Majority representative. Duties: Propose laws.Debate political issues.In charge of FINANCIAL bills. About 800 members.Inherit status or selected by PM with Queen approval.Different professions. Duties: Constitutional Monarchy: Legislative power is given to the parliament.Ceremonial figure.Head of Can declare Propose and revise laws.Suggest changesto HoC bills. WAR. Ministers Leader of HoC majority.Oversees correct government functioning.Appoints government members: Ministers . Members of either House.Run different departments (in charge of different State aspects).Divided among 24 departments. Queen Elizabeth II DISMISS the government. Some departments act on the UK as a whole.Others not (devolution). Local Government within the UK. DIFFERS ALWAYS overseen by the central government. Levels Responsibilities 1. County2. District/Borough/City3.Parish 1. Education, transportation,services.2. Taxes, recreation, waste.3. Community-directedservices. Vladimir Proaño. PSE 5
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