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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HIERARCHY OF POWER Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources LOCAL GOVERNMENTS UK GOVERNMENTSTRUCTURE STRUCTURE OF PARLIAMENT MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Prime Minister Monarch Parliament Head of the UK government- Oversee operations of government agencies- Appoint government members- Principal government figure in House of Commons Head of State- Appoint Prime Minister- Fullfill important ceremonial roles- Approve orders through Privy Council House of Commons and Lords- Pass Laws- Finance government work- Debate major issues By: Paula Vaca & Belen Iturralde House of Commons House of Lords The - Chosen by Prime Minister from members of Houses of Commons and of Lords MINISTERS PURPOSE Responsibilities in:- defence- foreign affairs- monetary policy- social security ELECTION - "At a general election, an MP is elected from each list of candidates." - employment- equal opportunities- scrutinizing government- make laws - Occurs every 5 years - Responsible for their departments' actions- 121 total ministers Spiritual (religious) and Temporal Lords (hereditary/life peers). Legislation and scrutiny. Hereditary Lords are limited. -- Raising Taxes-- Creating statutes --Administration of grants from the central government --Representing the interests of the locality to the regional and central governments THEIR MAIN RESPONSAILITIES COUNTRY DISTRICT PARISH Throughout the U.K and its 4 regions Local governments may differ a lot. 3 LAYERS OF ELECTED OFFICIALS
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