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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RUNNING HELPS TO PREVENT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TOP BENEFITS OF PERSONAL CONTROL PHYSICAL STRENGTH The arteries expand and contract when we run. This helps the arteries to stay fit, which then helps maintain healthyblood pressure. Running can increase confidence, which can eventually help gain control over one's life. WEIGHT LOSS When running our bodyreleases specific chemicals,that enhance us to feel happier. Running helps strengthenthe lungs and bronchi. Running builds lower bodystrength, in addition tostrengthening one'stendons and ligaments.Strengthening the muscleswill decrease the runner'srisk of injury. Running burns approximately 705-865calories per hour. An Increase in running will decrease risk of minor illnesses. STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM OVERALL MENTAL HEALTH LOWER EFFECTS OF ASTHMA 20 % STRO NGER MEM ORY IF EVERYONE RAN,THERE WOULD BE NEARLY 2 BILLION POUNDS OF TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS IF EVERYONE RAN, THERE WOULD BE 5 MILLION FEWER HOSPITAL VISITS AREAS THAT GET INJURED THE MOST Knee Foot/Ankle Lower Leg Hip/Pelvis RUNNING = INCREASED CONFIDENCE + BETTER CONTROL OVER LIFE
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