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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 7 Million HK Population Serious Mental Illness KK Mental Disorder Patients 4,000 4,600 4,700 4,400 32.5% 16.9% Number of sickbed provided by Hospital from 05/06 - 08/09: 04/05 06/07 07/08 125,626 134,159 140,487 Years Increase in Average Adolescent of psychiatric patients had though about suicide of psychiatric patientshad failed to committed suicide Sources:Hospital Authority Report 2014 ARE YOU INSANE? Psychiatric not only affects people's life, it also affects the others directly and indirectly, it can even cause a tragedy.In the past, we did not pay special attention to mental illness,but the situation has been changed in recent decades,The Hospital Authority believes that it is the right time for mental health services to set the vision and objectives. 147,557 05/06 08/09 IN EVERY PEOPLE WILL ENCOUNTER IN THEIR LIFE 10 1 PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS 154,625 200 Many of them do not know how detrimental mental illness can be Suffering from Schizophrenia toMood disorders which damage their life 5.5% of psychiatric patients had had a suicide plan Cannot have a normal life Confirmed Psychiatric Cases Since 2004 THEY NEED HELP! 1.7 Psychiatric Services 4,800 THOUSAND 04/05 05/06 06/07 08/09 07/08 If you were one of them,how would you feel? Is there anyway we can help ease the problem?
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