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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Basic Includes UC Standard & Basic UC Desktop o IM/Chat o Presence o Call Control o User Profiles o Device Mgmt o UC Mobile Client Unified Messaging Mobility o UC Basic Mobility Video Calling o Softphone or Video Phone Device License o Hard Phone or Softphone 150 Minutes of LD Pooled per Month Standard with over 300 features including: 911 Service Call Waiting Caller ID Call Transfer Call Forward Tech Support 24x7 Call Accounting SIP Trunks Includes Basic Unified Messaging o Web-based & TUI ¬control o E-mail integration Device License for Hard Phone 75 Minutes LD Pooled per Month UC Premium UC Standard Basic Voicemail (TUI Only)UC Desktop / Mobile ClientUC Basic MobilityUC FaxAudio Conferencing Firebar Conferencing (Future) Video Calling Desktop Collaboration Moderator (Future)Video Collaboration Moderator (Future)Mass Notification (Future)Additional End PointUC Mobile Wi-Fi (Future) Account Add-ons Queue GroupCall RecordingAuto AttendantTrunk LicensesAnalog Station LicensesE911 Emergency and Response Location (ERL) MPLSPackaged Long DistanceNew DID NumbersNew Toll Free NumbersPorted DID NumbersPorted Toll Free NumbersDirectory Listing411 Information Package Add-Ons Carrier Service Add-Ons
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