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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We will require allimages you would liketo use for the header.I think it would be greatto have one of your animatedpictures here aswell as theLogo. About Venue Ticket Events SocialMedia Contact Acts Website About UCC. The reasonwhy you started.The inspiration.Really nitty and gritty Different venues.We will integrate a mapto these addresses.Also if there are anyspecial menu/drinksoffers e.g. Happy Hour Any tickets on saleif customers already know which event they wish to attend This could be all events or just special events.The 17th April is the bigone to promote here. Links to social media accounts; such as Twitter,Facebook page and YoutubeChannel. Gallery Contact details such as;Telephone numberEmail AddressWebsite URL (people lovewebsites) Bio's of acts - ImagesVideos and background.We will also place the hosts data here. Once we have created the template it will be easyto update. This will be a great tabto show people some ofthe previous UCC Nights,Videos will be great here,to promote UCC. Podcastor Soundcloud would workbetter here than in socialmedia. Once UCC website is launchedwe will integrate that within the app so that people can go straightthrough. We can work on integrating your current website Will we be working with the same black text on white background as on the website? Colour themes as well as icons are important in conveying your brand. The colour of buttons that the icons are placed upon are also important.Can you please send us a copy of the SVG files for the Logo and any animations.
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