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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Misc. By Aidan Stitt University of California in Berkeley What makes UCB amazing Average cost of tuitionwith and without living expenses Patterns and Trends Oski the Bear is the mascot of UCB. Patterns over the years include UCB producing many great people. One of these great people was Robert J Oppenheimer, who was appointed the leader of the Manhattan Project which was a veryimportant project for the history of the USA. Although he did not go to UCB, he was a professor there.A trend that has reoccurred many times as humanitarian crises havehappened around the world, the students at UCB have risen up to protest about them. The core campus takes up 178 acres of land, that's a lot of acres for one campus! The campus also own 1,232 acres of urban area, and it owns 6.679 acres in all. Also the colors of the school is Berkeley blue and California gold, and their nickname is the golden bears The cost of an instate tuition without living expenses is $12,864. The cost of an out of state tuition is $35,742. With the living expenses it addsa nice chunk of money to the tuition, as well asthe fact that there are many different types with living expenses. The most commonone is with residence hall. The instate tuition with these expenses is $33,320. The out of state tuition with living expenses is $56,198. The up front registration fees is $7,755 for in state and $19,194 for out of states UCB has one of the best engineeringprograms in the entire country! It is one of the best engineering colleges in the country! Do youknow themelon man?
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