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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 June 1, 1918-September 3 1998 Early Years/ChildHood George Swanson Starling George Swanson starling was born near Alachua,Florida to Napoleon and John starling. George grew up on a Tabcaccofarm watching most of his family farm tobacco and cotton. George and his family fled to St.Peters burg after his family got in trouble for accusing the planters of counting their books wrongthe great depressing took a toll on his father who started beatingGeorges mother in front of George. Georges family split , lilGeorge was sent to his grandmother in Ocalo to help her as a root doctor. Teenage Years George went to school at Curt Right Vocational Training school and played on the basket ball team 6 ft tall.George was dedicated to his work and got the girls . At graduation there was only George and 6 other senior graduates . George was valedictorian. George got accepted into Florida Agriculturaland Mechanical State college in Tallahassee. 1939 George had marrieda girl named Inez Cunningham for revenge because his father did not pay his college tuition. 1939 George joined the Citrus grove picking fruit for the Blye Brother . George made friends named Sam and mud. They worked so hard picking the fruits just to get ripped off for there pay. George got fed up and started demanding the white people for higher pay.George accomplished this but later a sheriff named Willis Mcall was put on duty to stop this, arresting blacks . George and the other pickers began to get scared and stopped demanding higher pay, but it was to late for George, the Blye brothers had already began planning to kill George. George fled up north. 1939 Young Adult Years 1945 George got a job in a New York at the Seaboard airline as the Coach attendant. 1951 George joined the NAACP with Harry T. Moore, a churchly school teacher, to get better treatment of colored people when it came to school. Such as closing colored school down months before school was even supposed to start back just to save money and not waste it on the black schools. George and Harry T. Moore got fed up of the low pay that colored teachers were getting paid compared to the white teachers . George joined Harry T. Moore with a petition for better treatment of black teachers. George went door to door persuading people to join the NAACP. Eventually word got back to the school board that if they didn't stop Harry T. Moore will be fired as a teacher. 1963 George had got the news that a fire had been set to threedefenseless colored churches, one which he had grew up in. Georgebegan to collect money for the churches after reading that therewas a drive to rebuild the churches in the New York Amsterdam news. July 2, 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the civil rights act giving blacks the same rights as every one else. Not all blacks knew that this law had been passed so George took it upon himself to lets blacks know that they now have rights. On the rail road platform the conductors still kept the cars segregated but George didnt like this and began telling people that they had the right to sit where ever they please. Middle Years In 1978 George wife, Inez,died from breast cancer. Now that his wife was gone all he could do was watch his kids helplessly getbrought up wrong. George is watching the great migration play out before his very own eyes. Youngpeople started wearing afros , living together and even dating the opposite race .George started going to church and every chance that he got he warned the new generation to not make the mistakes that he had by marrying so quickly and to take advantage of the education privileges they have now that he didnt have back in his time. Senior Years In 1997 , George has Diabetes now and his knees are failing himpeople who he knew down south are either dying off or moving away. In 1998 George was sent to the hospital after noticing a mysterious dark spot on his foot because of his diabetes. In the hospital George had slipped an hit his head and was later admitted to a nursing home wherehe slipped and hit his head again and this time he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage an slipped into a coma. Georges first born, Gerard, had came up to see him and had broke down because he couldn't stand tosee his father this way and decided to head back home. Within days after seeing his father Gerard suffered a massive seizure because he also had diabetes like his father and had missed several rounds of dialysis and died at the age of fifty one.George Swanson Starling never came out of a coma.He Died on September 3, 1998. Golden Years/ Death Georges Family Wife-Inez CunninghamDaughter- SonyaSons- Gerard Starling & KennyNiece-Pat By Tyshawn Robinson
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