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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 After the WWII, there was an overpowering sense of Jewish nationalism,a massive cultural evolution brought about by the Holocaust. This nationalism was called 'Zionism'. Zionists believed there should be a separate state/country for Jews around the world. This resulted in Israel. How did the Holocaust affect Jewish culture? Jews in Europe Pre-War Jews in Europe Post-War 9.5 Million 3.5 Million Jewish Nationalism after the War Jewish Culture Survives in Ghettos Although extremely hostile and repressive Jewish culture is still able to flourish in the Nazi-organized ghettos. The ghettos are closed off to the outside world. Jews created make shift governments and had to allow their religion and ways of life adapt. They were almost living ina separate Jewish state. All of the traditions were still practiced and the Jewish culture truly endured through these rough periods of time. The placement of Jews in ghettos also changed some ideals. Education of the next generation became a very important within Jewish culture, an example of the permutation of the culture during WWII. Differences in Jewish Culture Around Europe Around Europe Jewish culture differed. Eastern and Western Jews had different ideals and ways of life. Western Jews (Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands) tended to make up a less percent of the populations, and assimilated more so into the different non-Jewish cultures, dressing more to the countries norm, having a less emphasis on Yiddish culture, and having a more traditional education in the more city like settings. Where as Eastern Jews lived in more separate communities where Yiddish culture was the norm, and traditional Jewish clothes were worn. After the war, many of these people were displaced from their homes, and many of the differences were lost, no longer being a contrast between Eastern and Western Jews. After Liberation After Liberation, there were hundreds of thousands of Jewsdisplaced and without a home. Jews were forced to dispersearound the world, with countries such as the U.S. andBritain having strict immigration quotas. Jewish culture was forced to change wherever it went, with Jewish people forcedto live by the new customs of the countries they went to. 80,000to U.S. 136,000to Israel 20,000 to Canada, South Africa
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