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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Checks and BalancesThis helps protect against tyranny in many ways. First each branch has different responsibilities and if one branch does not agree with another branch they can do something about it. For example if the president vetoes a law the legislative branch can override his veto. Another example is that the president can be impeached if he is doing a bad job or is doing things unconstitutionally. Having checks and balances makes sure that one branch of government doesn't get too powerful, for this could result in tyranny. FederalismFederalism also helps a lot in guarding against tyranny. It makes sure that the national government and the state governments share powers. For example, the national government can conduct foreign relations and print money, while the state government can hold elections and lass marriage and divorce laws. This helps protect against federalism because it makes sure the state and national government share powers and protect Equal RepresentationThis is a huge aspect in protecting our country from tyranny. In the House of Representatives each state gets a representative for every 30,000 people that live in their state. This makes sure that every on has a voice. In congress each state gets 2 representatives no matter what their population. This ensures that the big states don't become tyrants and so that the little states have a say in the government. Seperation of PowersSeparation of Powers is another clever aspect that our founding fathers work into the constitution to prevent tyranny. The executive branch, which contains the president, directs national defense and foreign policy. The legislative branch, which has the House of Representatives and the congress in it, can make laws and impeach officials. Finally, the judicial branch, which includes the Supreme Court, is in charge of declaring laws unconstitutional and interpreting the constitution. Since the powers are evenly spread out among the three branches, one branch can't take over and have to much power. Therefore, protecting us against tyranny. How The Constitution Protects Us Against Tyranny By, Margaret Waldman
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