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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Life long disease SYMPTOMS? INQUIRY: Cells that create insulin are DESTROYED Without insulin, cells cannot absorb glucose (sugar) for ENERGY HIGH BLOOD SUGAR LOW BLOOD SUGAR TREMBLING Excessive sweating Dizziness Dizziness Loss of FOCUS Tearfulness numbness Thirst Hunger Weariness Blurry vision Sudden weight loss Dehydration New treatments (insulin pump) discovered through experiments New ideas have emerged through observations and learning Theories can be proven through scientific experiments DIABETES Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Mellitus 1) INSULIN PUMP Ensure you attach your computerised device so that your body receives its insulin! 2) EXERCISE Exercise to strengthen insulin doses! (e.g. 30min walking per day) TREATMENTS & PREVENTIONS 3) HEALTHY DIET Consume appropriate amount match with insulin! of carbohydrates to (Mothers) Breastfeed young 4) PREVENTIONS solid foods early! babies and avoid introducing Certain Viruses activate Type 1 Diabetes in a person SPECIFIC GENES who has inherited LIKELY CAUSE: 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 1552 BC 3rd Dynasty Egyptian Papyrus:Constant urination is asymptom of Diabetes Physician Matthew Dobson recognises that type 1 diabetes is fatal 1776 1924 Becton-Dickinson creates insulin syringe.Needed sterilization before & after injections. 1964 Urine strips invented for testing blood glucose levels. Blood placed on paper strip: Blue - no sugar, Orange - Positive 1797 John Rollo observes sugar in urine increases after eating starchy foods. Successfully treats a type 1 diabetic with high fat & protein diet. Late 1850s French Physician Priorry tells diabetics to consume extra large quantities of sugarfor treatment 1889 Josef von Mering & Oskar Minkowski took out a dogs pancreas &observed that the dog became sick with diabetes. 1921 Insulin is discovered by Dr. Frederick Banting & Charles Best SCIENTIFIC Number of Australians with diagnosed diabetes No. of people (thousands) Types of Diabetes Avoid alcohol and smoking! have expanded diabetics' lifespans. from past errors. e.g. Scientists are working on how to regenerate cells to produce insulin! e.g. Scientists discovered that some diabetics' cells have produced their own INSULIN after years of Source: Timeline of Type 1 Diabetes insulin injections! This idea may lead to a new cure! ARE YOU experiencing these Are you suffering from Type 1 Diabetes symptoms? Don't risk your life...VISIT YOUR DOCTOR TODAY! Doctors diagnose patients through examining their blood sugar levels in a blood test
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