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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tyler Miller, Twisted Desarae Gamble After Bethany and the party Tyler is blamed for taking naked photos and is kept out of his classes making up the work in a small room. Tyler really starts to develop as his own person here he starts to realize he doesnt have to be cool and fit in. Tyler starts to pick up his grades and becomes more independent and invested in life. "And then a new screen, one I had never seen before, neverheard of, popped up. It gave me a choice.I could become the new lord of darknessmyself, or I could take a gamble and bereincarnated." Throughout the novel Tylerplays this game where he, the character goes through different levels of Hell. It's easy tofind parallels between his game and his life,but this quote is different; he has a choice.Tyler could in his life choose the easy wayand stay a sulky jerk with no future, or he could put it all on the line and live a lifeworth living. Like in the game he could be the lord of darkness or bee reincarnated. Tyler's reincarnation is in his person, hisattitude. By the end of the book Tyler actually understands what life is all about. Live and be yourself. Tyler Miller starts off the story as a misunderstood shy teenage boy trying to fit in. At a Party Tyler and a drunk Bethany get into a fight because Tyler wont sleep with Bethany. Tyler has grown as a character, for months this was all he wanted and now that he could get it he doesnt because it would be wrong. Before Tyler wanted to fit in and be a cool guyand now he just wanted to do whats right. 2) 3) I am similar to Tyler in that often I am misunderstood.Tyler was thathard core guy when really hes very kind has good intentions. Similarly I am small and often people think I cant do things or am too childish because I look younger than I am. Tyler drives drunk chip and Bethany home going completely against his bad guy rep. I often will say or do something contrary to my appearance.Like driving a car or having an opinion on something way ahead of my years. 1) 4) 5)
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