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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nayir ash-Sharqi @DesertLife Desert guide and investigator Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Nayir Tweets @DesertLife Thank you Allah for helping me figure this out. It was Abir all along. She was jealous of Nouf but she didn't know what Nouf was really planning. This case is getting reinvestigated and she will get what she deserves. #DramaticIrony #Consequencesofdeception Nayir @DesertLife Othman was the father. That's why he didn't want Katyato continue investigating. He was afraid she would find out.I hope Katya will get over this soon. Nayir @DesertLife Othman fought with Nouf before she left. What other things did he not tell me? I need to talk to him. #Chapter24 Nayir @DesertLife I found Nouf's journal and where the marks on the camel camefrom. How exactly did the motorcycle, jet ski, boat, truck, and camel fit together? #Chapter23 Muhammad knew about the zoo and Nouf meeting someone there.She rode a motorcycle there, kept it at the private beach, and had a disguise. #Chapter23 We found oleander, Nouf's other shoe, the dirt from her head wound,footprints, and tire tracks at the zoo. What was it doing there? #Chapter20 Othman doesn't want Miss Hijazi in this case anymore. Is he really concerned about her job? Does he not want the answer anymore?Does he know something we don't? This is odd but maybe he just doesn't want her to be involved. #Chapter20 All the things Muhammad said about Eric were true. But why did he want to help Nouf? For the money? Is this his only role in thiscase? #Chapter17 My heart was beating a million times a minute. Forgive me Allah for lying. I had to do it to keep us out of trouble. I'm just helping Othmanby escorting his fiancé. #Chapter15 #Hyperbole Eric Scarberry's apartment was a mess and he left his bird to die.Where did he go? When did he leave? How can I find him? #Chapter14 Allah how am I supposed to work with Miss Hijazi? Please helpme. Othman is a good friend and I don't want to make it difficultfor him. We have to work this out to solve this case. #Chapter13 Nouf wanted to leave? To America with the help of an Americanand abandon her husband there? Is she that desperate to leave? Who exactly is this Eric Scarsberry? Muhammad is being suspicious too. I should've known Suhail would quit. He's not fit for this case.Why am I questioning Othman so much? I'm feeling more and more like I'm alone on this but I want to figure this out. #Independence #Chapter9 Still having dreams about my hummingbird, whom I lost years ago.My rare and joyful hummingbird. I wonder if you're happy, wherever you are, whoever you're with. #Metaphor The dirt on Nouf's wrist contained manure that has traces of apoisonous plant. The sand from her head wound was rough,dark, and has traces of clay. Where could it have come from? #Chapter8 Miss Hijazi was right. This whole things is still suspicious. I'mglad Othman is having this investigated. Nouf's injuries, herdeath, the camel, the truck, her pregnancy. #FamilyLoyalty Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. May she rest in peace. Nouf'sfuneral is complete. She was buried with her back facing Mecca.So she was pregnant... Please forgive me Allah. I saw things not meant for my eyes. Miss Hijazi was just too bold. How do they put up with her? Anyways, Nouf drowned and lost a camel in the desert? There has to be more than that. #MuslimWomen #Chapter2 They found her. But in the wadi near the family's own campsite?And it was some travelers that found her? Heading to the coroner's office in Jeddah. She is gone like the wind of the desert, creating a sandstorm in our lives. #Similie Made by Tanya Chu #CulturalTradition #Chapter1
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