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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Follow CUSTOMERRELATIONS A Strategic Approach to Using TWITTER CRISISMANAGEMENT Follow CORPORATE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT EVENTCOVERAGE PRODUCT PROMOTION & SALES ISSUEADVOCACY Follow Follow Follow Follow Create Create Create Create Create Create Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Engage Your customers and potential customers Your brand, products and relevant issues Industry leaders, similar interest groups,news/media Those interested or attending event, media Current and potential customers, those interested in similar products your cause, news Those interested in industry leaders Content relevant to your customers: tips, company info, etc. Direct to additional resources, updated Insights, expertise, information, explanation, become a thought leader Event information, updates, behind scenes coverage Links to online promos, insider info on upcoming sales, discount codes Added value: health tips, disaster alerts fundraising info Answer questions respond to Answer questions comments about your brand comments, raise respond to issues, provide info Jump in the conversation. Be transparent and add value Set up Tweets-ups, Check replies and Know your followers talk to attendees ask and answer questions DMs, answer questions, provide info when needed thank them for support, get them involved
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