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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TWITTER Twitter is a great medium for interacting with your subscribers, it allows you to have one on one conversations with people who love your channel and its important platform for building your brand. When a subscriber likes your video on YouTube and you receive a mention on Twitter notifying you of this, reply to the notification with a short thank you message. Thanking your subscribers for this simple act, shows appreciation and turns them into loyal viewers, wholl often mention to their friends how genuine and awesome a YouTuber you are. Tweet consistently and engage with your followers whenever you can. Ask your followers for video requests, answer any beauty or fashion related questions they have and be as accessible as possible. Be active in the Youtuber community on Twitter too. Contribute to chats, create a hashtag for any QnAs you plan to film and use tit to receive questions and engage with other YouTubers whenever possible, as youll find some of their followers will end up following your channel as a result. Use Twitter clients like Buffer and Tweetdeck to create lists, schedule tweets and improve your organisation. Creating lists of terms and key phrases you're interested in, for example particular brand, products, events etc will help you keep track of whats being said, while scheduling tweets helps you stay organised and this is important if you have a busy day ahead.
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