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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Twisted At the beginning of the novel the main Character Tyler sees himself has a dork, along with the rest of his school ,and is verbally abused by his father leaving him with little confidence. After vandalizing the school and a whole summer of physically hard community service,his whole persona changes. On the first day of school Tyler realizes nobody sees him as a dork anymore. People thought, him being arrested was the coolest thing he could have done while others looked at him as a criminal. His new look gave him the confidence he need to walk the halls with his head held high. Things start to change for Tyler when he and his family go to his dads work party which happensto be at Bethany Milburys house (dream girl).For the first time he isnt seen as a scrawnydork by Bethanys older brother Chip who had always bullied him. Tyler becomes a outcast again afterthe party because he is blamed fortaking the nude photos of Bethany.Everyone then turns on him, even though he didn't do it. All the accusations and problems that occur because of thismake him want to commit suicide. Bethany soon falls for Tyler and takes him to come to the homecoming game with her then to a Halloween party. Everyone is surprised to see them to together which makesTyler proud that out of everyone Bethany chose him.Going to the party with Bethany made it officially, Tyler wasnt Nerd boy anymore. After a final confrontation withChip (Bethany's brother) and his father he stands up for himself telling them both he's not going tocontinue to let them bring him down.He then feels that's he has some controlover what happens to him and changeis possible.
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