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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When wasit Published? Exposition TargetAudience MainCharacter Image Conflict Likes FavoriteQuote Tweak double click to change this header text! Author MajorThemes Nic Sheff January 6, 2009 Growing Up On Methamphetamines. Nic Sheffhas written this bookabout himself, and how he basically grew updoing drugs and drinkingalcohol, sense he was 11years old. Soon enough he finds another solutionand finds himself a betterpath and change his life. ~Family~Overcoming Fears~Learning about life The image showsa picture of Nic himself, and it makes him look like he's upset orworried about something. The problem startswhenNic is 11 yearsold, he starts drinkingand doing manydifferent kinds of drugs, and now he istrying to find a wayto face everydaychallenges while fighting the urge todo drugs. This is a true story,that takes place,not even 10 yearsago. Mostly takesplace in LA wherehe now works andwrites. This book can really intrigueanyone who would sit down toread it. If someone were to know more about Nic and hislife, some may be able to connect with him and might have similar things going on with them. What I really likeabout this book isthat Nic alwaysjust comes out with his feelings andhe's not afraid of anything. My favorite thing that Nic has said, was at the very end of the text. He said, "It seems to fit. I feel comfortable in my ownskin. I feel like I'm ableto claim my own person.At least i'm making a start.I'm learning to stand onmy own.
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