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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources Everything is an Argument Chapter One "Women Driving Day" in Saudi Arabia, which was related to 2011's Arab Spring. Women, who are forbidden to drive, drove their cars and made a statement about takingback control of their own bodies. pg 3 Identify your reasons for arguing: "How many times did you aim to persuade? To convince?To inform or explain?To decide? To mediate?" pg 6 The quote by Charles Murray stating that the populationwith IQs below a 110 should not attend college. pg 8 The image of student protesters holding a banner that reads: "Put the $ where our minds are" pg 9 Arguments can sometimes takethe form of a prayer andserve to transformthe speaker or helpthem reach peace of mind. An example givenfor this argument to meditateor pray is stained glass windows. Often, peoplestop and observe the windows and consider their message. pg 13 Forensic arguments aredebates that happenedin the past. Forensic arguments include courtdecisions, legal briefs, investigqative reports, and acedemic studies. pg 14 A passage on the death of Barbara Jordan, (in reference to argumentsof evaluation), and heraccomplishments as first black woman to serve in Texas senateand the first black woman inCongress. Kairos, the god of opportunity. Kairos is the suitable time andplace for making anargument. Proposal Arguments present an issue sovividly that readers say 'What can we do?'. pg 20 pg 20 pg 27 Arguments about thepresent, called epideicticor ceremonial arguments,are about widely held beliefsand assumptions that aredebated in society. pg 16
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