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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leatherback sea turtles travel upto 10000 miles every year.In kilometers, that is 16093.4kilometers. On Google Maps, that is from New York to about Brisbane, Australia. Turtles Turtles are a reptile and a cold bloodedcreature.Turtles can be a house-hold pet, or a famous zoo attraction. They can range from 9 cm to up to 6.5 feet inlength and up to weigh up to 2000 pounds. Today, I want to teachyou about these fascinating creatures. Turtle Vs Tortoise Sea Turtles have a steadydiet of aquatic plantslike seaweed but occasionallyeat other small sea animals. Turtles havespecial glandsthat remove salt from thewater theyare drinking. The turtle shell is broken in to two parts, the uppershell known as the carapaceand the lower shell known asthe plastron. Around 70-190 eggsare laid at once, but onlyfew make it to the ocean.The rest, sadly get killedby birds and other animalson the shore. According to the WWF, This speciesis endangered for thatvery reason. Female Sea Turtleslay their eggs in thesame nesting groundthat they were bornin. Turtles breathe air butsleep underwater. Before they sleep,they breathe in a lot of air andbreathe and conserveit as they sleep. For some species of turtles, while still in the egg,the temperature outside determinesif the turtle will be a maleor female. Lower temperatureslead to a male while highertemperatures lead to a female. - Live in the Ocean.- Turtles have fins.- Fins cannot be retracted. - Live on Land.- Tortoises have legs.- Legs can be retracted. A sea turtle swimswith powerful winglike beats. Turtles evolved from aspecies known asOdontochelys that arebelieved to exist in the lateTriassic period. The inner layer of s turtles shell ismade up of 60 bones, including theribs, backbone and breastbone Turtles live on everycontinent butAntarctica. Testudines
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