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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 reasons WHY you need to have a website Establish A Presence More and more people are looking for services and products on-line than every before. 1 2 More Advertising for Less Money With a web site you can have pages of full-color advertisements that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 3 Bolster Your Current Ad Campaign Include your web address in your current ad campaign and people will turn to your site for more information. 4 Save Time with Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Online With a web site you can put the answers to these frequently asked questions online and have your customers visit these pages for a little self service. 5 Educate Your Customers The first step of any sale is getting the client familiar with what you are selling. In this day and age more and more people are looking on the Internet to get the information they need to make educated buying decisions. 6 Get Referrals Referrals are one of the best ways for small businesses to get new clients. On your web site you can add a "refer a friend" link where your current clients (or just visitors) can send your link to a friend who may be interested in your services. 7 Create a New Customer Base Did you ever notice that many people who use the Internet do so in place of the old school, traditional methods (newspapers, yellow pages, etc)? 9 8 Get Email With your web site you will also get email addresses for your business. On your site will be a link where people will be able to email you for additional information. Establish a Relationship with your Clients People generally prefer to do business with people they "know." On your site you will give people the opportunity to get to know your business (and perhaps you) and feel more comfortable with you. Gather Contact Information A traditional printed newsletter can be an expensive and time consuming promotional action. With printing, postage and time spent, the costs can add up fast. With a web site you can have people who would like to receive your newsletter send you their email address. You can then email your newsletter to all of the people in your database, automatically! 1 0 PRICE and more Turnkey Media OTHER WEBSITE BUILDERS $1495 + GST 1. Website design2. Domain registration3. 6 Page Website4. Custom build WordPress website5. Social Media integration6. Mobile responsive7. Search engine submission; Google, Yahoo & Bing.8. 5 high quality stock images9. Image/Product Slide Show10. Additional forms- Contact and/or Bookings11. SEO website structure for search engines $395 + GST We also offer a hosting package for $33.50 per month 1. 99.9% Uptime2. We ping your website every 6 minutes making sure it is live3. Lifetime support for bugs and glitches4. Automatic Backups5. Latest technology 6. Unlimited Traffic excess7. Priority Support8. Australian server9. Email account One hour of free changes/edits per month**Not to be accumulated. Copyright 2014. Turnkey Media. All rights reserved.
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