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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Class Identification &Password A Student's Guide to Policy Primer by Anna W A summary and analysis of the Terms and Conditions of Usefor students using Ownership Privacy Policy Change Acceptance of Terms can change the form & nature of the servicesit provides without telling can also stop providing services to you without telling you. You accept the terms and conditions BY SIMPLY USING or by clicking on the 'Accept' or 'Agree' button. YOU are responsible for the use of your account & YOU MUST notify of any misuse.YOU AGREE to keep your password and class identification number a SECRET& you will not post your password or class identification number in a publicspace, including web pages, blogs, etc. YOU OWN any papers you submit on,BUT has NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to your paper for the purposes of plagiarism prevention, & theselicences continue EVEN AFTER YOU STOP USING can request that deletes your paper/s through your school's system administrator.Anything else you provide other than your personal details & papers will be treated as NON-CONFIDENTIAL & can be used by Turnitin.comWITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION or any compensation. You must be 18+ to use,or 14-17 years old with your parent orguardians permission, and be properlyenrolled in a registered class. Authorised Users By agreeing to the User Agreement, YOU ALSO AGREE that you have read& understand the Privacy Policy located here: Termination may disable or delete your access for a variety of reasons,including any breaches by you of the terms & conditions.You can stop using or delete your account at any time.Once your account is disabled or terminated, may prevent you from accessing your files or content. References What this means for you: iParadigms. (2013). User Agreement. Retrieved from (2013). Privacy Pledge. Retrieved from Many educational institutions use and their policies statethat students must use the service in order to submit all assignments.Students place trust in their educational institution and many will agreeto's User Agreement without reading it.Using means that your essay is used to generate a profit for a company with no compensation to you, the author. You cannot request that delete your paper from itsrecords, you can only ask your educational institution to make a requeston your behalf. What are your rights if your educational institution doesnot agree to make the request?What are your rights if your educational institution dictates that youuse, but you do not agree with's User Agreement?
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