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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Turner Syndrome However, it is much more common in miscarriages, withthe likelihood being 10%. It occurs once every 2000 live female births. Turner Syndrome isa condition that affects only women and girls. Symptoms What is Turner Syndrome? What does it do? Treatments Turner Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder causedby the absence of the second sex chromosome. This missing genetic materialkeeps females from maturingnaturally. It affects every femalewho has it differently.Turner Syndrome cannot stopanyone from living a completelynormal life. However, it doesprevent women with frombeing pregnant because of theloss of an ovarian function. Symptoms ofTS include flatfeet, short inheight, droopyeyes, broad chest,Scoliosis, andswelling in thehands and feet,especially atbirth. tap and hold to changethis text! As it affects each womandifferently, everyone withTurner Syndromeshould be treated differently.Therapists are recommendedto help with some speech andsocial problemsof women with TS. Although everyone should be treateddifferently, it is usually a must to seek care as soon aspossible after diagnosis. Diagnosis can occur at any timein your lifenearly half of alldiagnosis happens afterthe age of 9. The reason forthis is it is not geneticallyinherited, and there is no wayto tell if you don't have all thesymptoms or are unaware ofthe disease. Getting Diagnosed Interesting Facts the doctors who help people with TS are calledendocrinologists high blood pressure iscommon it is not considered adisability
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